The demand for lanyards has gone beyond its obvious purpose of carrying items such as keys and small items around the neck or wrists. Lanyards have adopted the functionality of the identification cards they merely used to carry. With most lanyards showcasing companylogos, identifying a certain group in the corporate world has never been so easy. And what better way to directly standout in this competitive industry than to effectively provide distinction from the rest.

Hit two birds with one stone! While your company logo seamlessly hangs around every employee’s neck, brand marketing is exponentially made efficient. Invest in publicity and marketing to make a statement and establish their status in the corporate hierarchy. From uniform ID lanyards to customized lanyard giveaways, is your one-stop lanyard solution shop. We provide custom lanyards of excellent quality at reasonably low prices.

In with the new. Lanyards now come in different types:

Polyester, nylon, woven, dye sublimated, tubular, and cord. The choice depends on you, whether the priority is comfort, weight, or design. The woven type gives that perfect snuggle around your neck as you showcase a native-like design, known as habit. Similarly, the tubular typeisalso a comfy choice with a shorter width as compared to the woven ones. For a shiny and glossy finish, the nylon lanyard would be a good choice.

However, the edges might feel a bit uncomfortable, especially when it’s thick. Dye sublimated ones are ideal for those who pay more attention to color and design. Full color or photo coverage can be imprinted on this type.For a unique and lightweight lanyard, we have the cord. It takes up less surface area pressed on your skin, perfect for those who find wearing lanyards irritating, especially when the weather’s hot. Lastly, our most popular type would be the polyester type. This material is commonly used for clothing as it is highly stain-resistant and lightweight. Once the type is settled, printing your logo and deciding on the overall design will be a breeze. Just name it, and we’ll make it.

wholesalelanyardCustomization does not stop there. offers different kinds of lanyard attachments and options for all your different needs. For ID lanyards, the usual go-to would be the bulldog clip. However, for those who just have to hook up several other keychains and keys along with their IDs, the thumb trigger, swivel j hook, and key ring types are preferred. Among the four, the thumb trigger is easiest to operate, while the key ring provides best security as the item has to go through loops before it falls off. These four are the common types, thus, they come with the lanyards free of charge. does not only provide the usual, conventional types, but also new innovated hooks and loops for your lanyard attachment needs.

For those who misplace their phones all the time, the cell phone loop is perfect for you! Have it dangling around your neck along with your ID and keys while rushing to a meeting or doing errands. Your cellphone within reach and sight anytime, anywhere! Similar to the thumb trigger, the thumb hook and the carabiner hook allow easy placement and removal of items to attach to your lanyards—just with a light pull on the hook lever. It gets more effortless with the oval hook and plastic j hook, which designs are both adopted from the swivel j hook. Just give the item a slight push and it is hooked! Finally, if you get annoyed with the unnecessary flip-flopping and turning of your IDs, the no swivel hook is best for you. Hook it up, and your dashing photo will now always face front.

Other additional options are also available in We provide lanyards with safety breakaway (which comes for free), buckle release (for easy detachment without the hassle of removing each item when the need arises), and adjustment bead (for your adjusting needs). Horizontal and vertical badge holders are also available to keep your IDs protected and dry.

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The world today is full of disheartening realities and grim news pouring from television, media and news prints, or even common observations of the average human going through the daily struggles, trying to get by and keep themselves afloat from the never ending problems that come with living life, there are times when a good word, or a simple encouragement, would give that much needed push to keep going.

Some hear it from a good friend or neighbor, maybe a stranger they meet in a public area or a bus ride going home. But there are some, who take it on as a profession, an obligation to fan the embers and flames, and get people to continue the good fight with the sheer prowess and fluid skill of wordplay and undeniable charisma and presence, captivating the listeners that they address to on the things they want others to know, and feel empowered after what they hear from them. Some of these people are what many refer to as a motivational speaker.

Motivational Speaker

Now you would probably think to yourself, aren’t these people supposedly experts of their field and craft? That some of them do have natural talent in speaking, or perhaps honed their communication skills for years to get them where they are right now? Or perhaps you are in disbelief, thinking that they are pompous know-it-alls trying to persuade and flatter people with bubblegum pop logic, with things so trivial and shallow yet still somehow engaging enough due to the usage of big words and their apparent like able reputation in society. It makes you wonder if they are credible, or just another scam artist playing with people’s emotions and feelings on some certain subject matter.

But then here’s the thing one should know: anyone can be a motivational speaker. Anyone can use the power of words to lift people up, and make them feel like they can stand on mountains.

Here are two basic aspects you need to remember when you try to take on the role of being a motivational speaker:

First you have to decide on the subject matter that will allow you to inspire people.

Keynote speakerYou have to remember that you have to know what you want others to push themselves with, and why. You can’t just babble on about random things or rant about your opinions, you have to give purpose, and give a morale boost on the point you’re trying to come across with your talking. What are you trying to say? What is it that would help people get motivated to do something? Because you may speak very well, but if you don’t know what you’re talking about and what you’re trying to achieve, people will just find themselves looking into a variety amusement show, something to entertain them for the moment.

Next, know your audience. Who are you talking to? Children, adolescents or teenagers? Students? Working young professionals? Politicians? Indigenous people?

You have to know the crowd you’re addressing to and leveling with. Because other than appropriateness for the times, you have to make it suitable for your audience. You can’t talk about issues of going through high school to senior citizens, same way you can’t talk about the glory days to elementary kids. You have to understand the people that you’re aiming to inspire and motivate with your speaking and topic at hand.

While public speaking skills and knowing how to project one’s self in front of a lot of people do take time and effort and practice, those are also a few things to consider when trying to inspire people. Visit here website to get an idea about how motivational speaker inspire the people. You have to give off the aura of a charismatic and empathic individual that’s credible, and is brimming with positive energy, equipped with an I-can-do-it attitude. If people can see that in you as a motivational speaker, it wouldn’t be too difficult for you to paint pictures with your words with ease.

The Internet can be a miserable place for golfers, especially with the proliferation of fake “discount golf clubs” that more often than not come from China.

There are tips for those golfers of all ages to wisely buy legitimate discount golf clubs online.

golf clubs onlineFirst, the newbie golfer does not have to buy the same clubs and gear pro golfers use. Pro golfers know what they are doing and select all sorts of clubs, from irons to fairways to hybrids to putters, to match their exact specifications as well as the conditions on the golf course. This principle should also be applied to practically every other sport on the planet as well as card games. After all, the equipment used is only as good as the player using them.

Second, the golfer who plans to buy discount golf clubs online must first run a “whois” domain check. There are several websites which scan the IP address as well as pertinent information about the owner of the site. If the site has Chinese addresses, emails, and phone number, stay away from it like the plague.

Third, the newbie golfer familiar with terminologies regarding clubs alone. Sellers who peddle fake discount golf clubs will not just skimp on quality, but also be clueless on several terms being thrown around by more knowledgeable golfers. This is a sign that fakers just copy from stolen blueprints.

For example, there are finishes such as oil can, black, sandblast, satin, gunmetal, high polish, milling, chrome plated, and brass blasting. Some of those finishes will affect the backspin, since the club face’s texture will affect the rotation when the ball flies from being hit by the club.

Fourth, it never hurts for golfers to ask for help on several golf-centric sites and forums. Wisdom is good when it is constantly shared from one person to another. Even professional golfers started out as newbies once and had to learn the ropes from the previous generation of professionals. In these times where counterfeits circulate the market, sage advice is much more important than ever.

Fifth, some shops do not carry the latest models, but they do carry legitimate models that are at least a year old as well as overstocked items at attractive discounts. The golfer should patronize those shops as much as possible, since they are in the business far longer than counterfeit shops.

golf clubSixth, legitimate shops not just stock major brands, but also lesser-known brands. Fakers are only in for riding on the fame and fortune of major brands. Legitimate shops will carry just about any club that fits particular specifications. As many as 20,000 possible combinations can be made on a single club. Some legitimate shops even sell authentic Hello Kitty-branded golf club sets at discount prices.

Seventh, if the buyer is dead set on buying only branded clubs, he or she must be aware why they are expensive in the first place. Besides the budget that goes into research and development, major golf club brands also spend their money on advertisements and promotions, especially endorsements from well-known PGA players as well as TV and print ads. Middlemen are also included in the equation – this involves outsourcing factories and convincing legitimate golf shops to always sell their clubs at only their MSRP.

Finally, the golfer must realize why he or she is into the sport in the first place. If the express purpose is to merely show off branded clubs but the golfer is actually a numb-skull about the finest points of the game, he or she should look for another sport that requires less glitz and glamour. is one stop solution for discount golf clubs, here we get best golf product as per golfer needs and requirments.

Want to get the most out of your college years? Join the Greeks. For more than a century, sororities and fraternities have made the college experience better for millions of students. Greek organizations help members develop a strong sense of self, promote academic excellence and encourage philanthropy.

lapel-pinOne way these student organizations foster community spirit is through traditional accessories such as fraternity lapel pins. Since their initiation, sororities and fraternities have utilized distinct pins to identify their members. Alumni and students feel a sense of pride at being a part of an exclusive organization and are happy to share their connection with the world. These attractive and sleek pins clearly identify members of each group or chapter.

Solidarity and Pride of Ownership

Today’s sororities and fraternities are involved not only in their school but in the community. Members are more likely to graduate, generally have higher grade point averages and spend a significant amount of time in philanthropic efforts. The Greeks represent the best a university or college has to offer and being involved on such a group is an honor. Sporting a sorority or fraternity pin is a statement of pride in being a part of a good institution.

That sense of brotherhood or sisterhood starts early and lasts a lifetime. Lapel pins are frequently given to pledges during rush week as a token of welcome. Members proudly wear their pins at every group event such as religious ceremonies and formal dances. Additionally, framed and mounted pins are fit for display long after graduation.

Honor Charitable Work with Custom Pins

Nationally, sororities and fraternities raise millions of dollars every year for scholarships, charity and educational equipment and lapel pins are a part of that effort. Since each chapter has its own favorite charity, consider ordering customized pins to wear for this year’s huge fundraiser. Profits from the pin sales contribute to the overall efforts while allowing members to show their support for a good cause.

Make it Unique

There are numerous variety of sorority and fraternity lapel pins as there are college campuses so let your creativity run wild when designing a pin for your group. Greek letters and school colors are just the beginning. High quality pins can be created in nearly any shape so state schools gain immediate recognition when they integrate the outline of the state in their pin design. Popular or interesting mascots are a great option as well.

To really make your pin noticeable, consider adding a few eye catching elements including glitters or tiny danglers. Musical notes, miniature footballs or religious symbols help capture the spirit of your organization. Flashing lights and small gemstones will make your pin truly unforgettable and help your group gain awareness.

lapel pinsWith little imagination, lapel pins become a distinct reminder of everything your group stands for and will immediately let others know of your involvement. Whether your members display or wear their pins, they are a constant reminder of the camaraderie and support afforded to everyone within the group.

Customized pins are made for a variety of purposes like business promotional tools to provide company branding; as a way to improve an organization’s security; utilized for employee motivation and recognition, for fundraisers and to show awareness for worthy causes.

Charitable organizations and schools who order such pins on a wholesale basis will frequently receive more affordable pricing, free artwork and even more incentives.

Lastly and most importantly, customized pins allow the opportunity to continue growing relationships. When asked how they earned their pins, the stories told are generally those of great pinnacles or service reached. Employee’s eyes light up as they tell them and the pride in their voice comes out.